Highest quality ingredients + ethically sourced

Protecting the Earth from overharvesting, promoting sustainable development, and empowering a circular economy

Our Eco-Friendly Partners:

nature-based solutions


Our Sandalwood stems from the Dutjahn sacred tree found in indigenous Australia. We partner with Dutjahn to advance nature-based, sustainable development solutions.

empowering women


We partner with Firmenich for Neroli. These ingredients generate income for Moroccan pickers during harvest seasons.

global impact


By partnering with Givaudan, we commit to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our collaboration supports the United Nations Global Compact, the Water Resources Institute, and World Wide Fund for Nature.

supporting children


We partner with Flavex and local suppliers in Sumatra, Indonesia whose infrastructure improvements enable Indonesian children to attend school nearby.

sustainable production


Solar energy is the cleanest renewable energy source available. By partnering with S&J, we work to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while meeting consumer demand for clean and reliable energy in the manufacturing process.



Boosts Energy

Aromatherapeutic effects from natural plants and scents promote energy flow and stimulation

Optimal Performance

Our scents promote renewal and deep inner strength to enhance confidence and joy

Balances Mood

The vitalizing effects of select absolutes enhance balancing and calming effects

Stimulates Relaxation

Our musky blends slow vibrations and increase groundedness and restoration


All our fragrances are formulated with ethically-sourced, high-quality ingredients. VESCENSE products are made to elevate your mood without harming human or environmental health. Created from naturally derived ingredients, we believe in radical transparency. Learn everything about our ingredients:

Plant-based Scent Molecules and Absolutes - Absolutes are stronger and more concentrated than essential oils. Because some plants are too delicate to be pressed or steam-distilled, absolutes are designed and extensively used in fragrances.

Naturally Occurring and Alcohol Free Solvents - Naturally occurring alcohol solubilizers act as a natural preservative in fragrances to ensure consistent scents.

Sustainably Sourced Essential Oils - Prized for therapeutic effects, essential oils are always in demand. Essential oils are selectively chosen for scent and source - ensuring environmentally and economically sustainable standards.

Synthetic Free Aromatic Compounds and Chemicals - Non-volatile, non-toxic, and without free radicals - the compounds and aroma chemicals found in our formulations are all natural across base, heart, and top notes.