When Nigel and his wife Yukari became parents, they endeavored to eliminate as many toxins from their lifestyle as possible.

“We got rid of single-use plastics, processed food, chemical cleaning products and then, after using deodorant and shampoo near our baby, I thought, ‘Wait, what’s in this?’ I started Googling and it just unravelled from there. I couldn’t believe how much the fragrance industry was allowed to hide!”

To their dismay, both products only list scents as “fragrance”, a word that doesn't scratch the surface of the list of hundreds of harmful chemicals often found in commercial fragrances.


Our mission is to create and provide a range of fragrances that are plant-based, 100% natural, safe to use, and are good for you and your family, while being kind to the planet.

A healthy lifestyle usually extends to what we fuel our bodies with and what we do to protect it from environmental pollutants – think skin and hair care.

An increasing number of people are now looking for fragrances that fit this lifestyle. However, there are only a handful of fragrance and perfume brands out there who are transparent about their ingredients and formulations.


We prioritize the ingredients in our formulations, meticulously choosing what goes on your skin.

Our commitment to transparency extends to our supply chains, and we use earth conscious, sustainable packaging.

We carefully source our ingredients from ethical growers and small farms.