Alcohol-Free Fragrances: Make The Switch

on Mar 08, 2024
Did you know that your fragrances’ and perfumes’ alcohol content is harming you? The gradual shift towards alcohol-free fragrances isn’t just something your hippy-leaning friend is into – it’s a health-conscious decision.  
Alcohol in Perfumes and Fragrances 
Traditionally, alcohol has been a staple in the formulation of perfumes and colognes throughout the history of perfumeries. It is used as a solvent to dissolve essential oils and as a carrier to disperse the scent onto your skin. Manufacturers used denatured alcohol (unfit for consumption) in fragrances and cosmetics. 
In ingredients lists, look out for the following:
Denatured alcohol 
SD alcohol 
Ethyl alcohol 
Isopropyl alcohol 
Benzyl alcohol 
Propyl alcohol 
The Impact of Alcohol on Skin and Hair 
Denatured alcohol is known to strip away natural oils, leading to dry and brittle skin and hair. This disrupts the skin’s natural barrier, making it more susceptible to sensitivity, irritation, and even exacerbating conditions like eczema or psoriasis. It also acts as a skin penetration enhancer, possibly helping the absorption of foreign nasties and even carcinogens into your skin (Pires et al., 2009). 
A compromised skin barrier is less effective at keeping bacteria and germs, leaving your skin open to infections and environmental aggressors. If you have pre-existing sensitive skin, alcohol-based fragrances can further aggravate your condition, leading to discomfort and potential skin damage.  
Dry January For Your Skin – Forever 
Switching to alcohol-free fragrances comes with benefits, and who doesn’t love bettering their health?   
Enhanced Skin Health
Alcohol-free fragrances respect the integrity of the skin’s natural barrier, maintaining its function, hydration and minimizing the risk of irritation. 
Inclusivity and Sensitivity
For those of us with sensitive skin, alcohol-free options are soothing alternative that won’t make skin conditions flare up. 
Cultural and Religious Beliefs
Many people abstain from using products containing alcohol due to their religious or cultural beliefs. Fragrances free from alcohol ensure their values are respected and they too can enjoy fine fragrances.  
Safe for Family and Pets
Given the milder nature of alcohol-free fragrances, they are considered safer for use around children and pets.
Fragrantly Considerate
Not everyone can tolerate intense, pungent aromas that are enhanced by the alcohol carrier. Alcohol-free fragrances and perfumes are lighter, more subtle, and don’t cling to your clothes and skin for hours on end.
What are you waiting for? All of our fragrances are alcohol-free. Make the switch to alcohol-free fragrances to be kinder to your skin, hair, health, and the people around you. 
Pires, D., Soule, H., Bellissimo-Rodrigues, F., Gayet-Ageron, A., & Pittet, D. (2009). Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and adverse effects: A review of the literature. American Journal of Infection Control, 37(6), 470-475. 

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