The Journey: Founding VESCENSE

on Mar 08, 2024

While on our own mission to find clean, effective, and functional products made with high-quality ingredients, we found that it was a difficult one. On the heels of this, we realized that we were onto something. Surely, we were not the only ones looking for clean and effective wellness products within the fragrance industry?


This was the lightbulb moment that spurred us to build a brand around meaningful wellness products that are dedicated to excellence.


Our Mission

VESCENSE doesn’t simply manufacture clean fragrances and alcohol-free perfumes, but rather our mission is to create functional wellness alternatives that are ethical, natural, and clean while rewarding those who share our mission. Through our products, customers help support the VESCENSE Clean Oceans Initiative where the aim is to support the restoration of the world’s waterways.


The Process

After two years of research and development, our new wellness brand, VESCENSE came alive. We strive to be a leader in clean and natural beauty, by fusing essential oils with lavish natural ingredients from the most respected ethical growers.


The result: functional water-based fragrances and the companion alcohol-free fragrance oils with enchanting natural aromas that help stimulate the senses. The signature product line is formulated around Earth’s natural elements; Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. In addition to the lavish scent, the main differentiator of each element is its functional properties. The functional properties include the awakening effects of Air, the vitalization of Water, transformation through Fire, and the balancing of Earth.


Earth and Wellness Conscious

VESCENSE represents a global earth-conscious collective that enhances wellness through sustainable and functional products that contribute to the wellbeing of the planet. At its core is our use of the highest quality ingredients, sourced through partnerships with Swiss brands, Givaudan and Firmenich. Each functional fragrance is crafted with carefully selected ingredients of the highest purity that are painstakingly cultivated and ethically sourced in their respective regions.


Through collaborations with world-class partners, local growers, and best-in-class manufacturing, we have created something completely novel. A clean, yet effective, earth-conscious functional fragrance for the most discerning customer.


The VESCENSE team rigorously developed our product line to support an innovative referral channel for close to two years. We make products that we are proud of, that are differentiated from what is currently available in the market.


We made the decision not to launch until we were 100% comfortable with the overall product experience. Our products are innovative, and our design is stylish. We wanted to create products that we are proud of and a brand that our collective of wellness-minded consumers would be happy to share with their friends.


Looking to the Future

After years of research, trial, experimentation, and development, we know this is only the beginning of our journey. The foundation of our ethos is clean wellness, and we strive to be experts in crafting excellent functional fragrances and wellness products that keep people healthy, happy, and give back to nature as much as it gives to us.


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