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3% of sales goes to cleaning the world’s oceans


Recycled Ocean Plastics + Lead Free Glass + Sustainable FSC Paper

  • FSC sourced paper
  • Oceanworks
    post consumer recycled ocean plastic
  • Lead free glass
  • 50% less glass used for
    lightweight bottle

Vescense products were made to elevate your mood without harming human or environmental health. We are committed to clean ingredients and sustainable luxury packaging that shape the world’s future. We stand for earth-conscious and functional products that are both good for people and our planet.

From the moment you receive Vescense you will experience a difference in mood. Unboxing a Vescense fragrance is a ritual in itself. Weight, texture, functionality, safety and aesthetics have all been considered and balanced within the industrial design of our product protection packaging.

Vescense packaging was designed to have the lowest environmental impact while maintaining product quality and luxury. Made from recycled lead-free glass, post-consumer recycled Ocean Plastics, and sustainable FSC paper, we partner with the world’s most robust sustainable production partners to reduce carbon emissions, remove plastic from the ocean, recycle and save electricity.


Protecting the Earth from overharvesting, promoting sustainable development,
and empowering a circular economy

nature-based solutions


Our Sandalwood stems from the Dutjahn sacred tree found in indigenous Australia. We partner with Dutjahn to advance nature-based, sustainable development solutions.

empowering women


We partner with Firmenich for Neroli. These ingredients generate income for Moroccan pickers during harvest seasons.

global impact


By partnering with Givaudan, we commit to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our collaboration supports the United Nations Global Compact, the Water Resources Institute, and World Wide Fund for Nature.

supporting children


We partner with Flavex and local suppliers in Sumatra, Indonesia whose infrastructure improvements enable Indonesian children to attend school nearby.

sustainable production


Solar energy is the cleanest renewable energy source available. By partnering with S&J, we work to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while meeting consumer demand for clean and reliable energy in the manufacturing process.

cleaning waterways


We partner with the world’s most robust recycled plastic network, Oceanworks. The impact of our product line includes 398 KG in Co2 emissions and2,554 kWh in energy saved. This amount of ocean recycled plastic is the equivalent of 1M straws and equal to electricity produced by 650K AA batteries.


The VESCENSE Clean Oceans (VCO) initiative is our commitment to empowering groups that
protect global waterways. Each year, VESCENSE supports Australian groups targeting plastic pollution, marine animal
life, and the Great Barrier Reef.


VESCENSE partners with a non-profit that parallels its ethos of removing plastic from global oceans. Take 3 is developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Their aim is to put themselves out of business once the oceans are clean. In the interim, our products are designed with ocean recycled plastic in order to prevent additional use of plastic.


We give to the only national charity in Australia dedicated to protecting the ocean wildlife. By partnering with the Marine Conservation Society, we tackle the greatest issues across fisheries, marine parks, shark protection, and whaling.


We partner with one of the most impactful nonprofits driving the collective effort to restore the Great Barrier Reef. The movement with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is the first Trust-driven approach to accelerating needed change from water quality to coral mortality, reef restoration, and integrated monitoring and reporting.