Dear planet, we
are dedicated.

89% of our packaging has sustainable properties.
We are committed to increasing it to 100%.


Lab Tested. Ocean-Bound. 100% Ocean Plastic. Recyclable. 

Each VESCENSE product is created with a clean bottle designed with sustainability in mind. The dust cap are developed with recycled ocean plastic. The minimal white bottle is topped with iconic marble embedded designed with colored veins that reflect the natural elements.

Dust Caps  

The iconic marbled dust caps are made of ocean plastic material that is collected from communities without any formal waste management that is within 50 km of its shore line. Our marble-designed caps are created with white resin sourced from ocean-bound areas in Asia; the resin in it contains 100% ocean plastic and comes with a guarantee of meeting compliance standards. Our Ocean Plastic caps are both SEDEX and ZPO certified.

Partner: Oceanworks

  • Certifications: SEDEX, ZPO
  • Material Source Type: Ocean-Source
  • Source Continent: Asia
  • Composition: 100% Ocean Plastic
  • Guarantee: Technical Data Sheet
Thoughtful Design: Eco-friendly Product Packaging
Every boxed VESCENSE functional fragrance is created with recyclable paper cartons. We seek to ensure that our products maintain the highest potential for design that exudes sustainability, ethics, and aesthetics. 


Partner: Famer

  • Certifications: NOA, ANAB, IAF
  • Material Source: HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, SOFT-TOUCH
  • Source Continent: Asia
  • Composition: 100% Recycled Paper

    Bottled Beauty: Lead Free Crystal Glass


    Each fragrance bottled includes lead-free glass that still holds its high refractive index, clarity, and the exquisite attributes of high-end crystal. Lead-free crystal glass was chosen to ensure safety from lead; the use of barium oxide (BaCO3) produces a greater brilliance than pure lead crystals.

    Partner: RSP

    • Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, RoHS
    • Material Source: Recyclable Polyesters, Polycarbonates, Adhesives
    • Source Continent: Asia
    • Composition: Lead Free Glass