Natural Fragrances

VESCENSE Fragrances are designed with essential oils, absolutes, plant derived scent molecules, and aromatic extracts through the elegance and power of science, chemistry, and art. By using natural ingredients, we enable a modern world of perfumery, scent palettes, and functionality derived from plants. Our design philosophy is founded on elevating individuals through new levels of quality across scent, functionality, and socioeconomic impact. 

Philosophy and Methodology

VESCENSE uses natural ingredients and essences that are ethically and sustainably sourced to channel the power of each botanical ingredient, the science of scent, and the artistic chemistry of aromatherapy to enhance wellbeing. The aromatic molecules within VESCENSE fragrances are extracted from raw materials using classic and modern distillation techniques. By obtaining them through botanicals, the molecular aromatics not only add character but also give rise to natural perfumes. The natural ingredients are crafted alongside essential oils to create new functional, scent profiles with targeted precision to solve the world’s most pressing and personal inconveniences.

The result of blended ingredients are fragrances that have more balance and finesse than synthetic fragrances. VESCENSE is a counter-cultural revolution against the synthetic fragrances derived from petrochemicals that are linked to health concerns across skin, respiratory system, and known carcinogens.  

VESCENSE believes that modernity and traditionalism enable each other. In designing the scope of new scents, we look to the traditional techniques across extraction, distillation, and expression at high levels of pure concentration. Our methods are the precise procedures that give life to the functional benefits of VESCENSE’s house of natural fragrances. 

Functional Fragrances

The most intimate issues we hold can only be resolved by an individual’s personal chemistry. The formulations behind our fragrances are designed to maximize each molecular efflorescence. Each scent holds an elusive, unisex feature by design with their own individual depth and character. The medley of notes are sensitive to bodily chemistry and evolves with each wearer’s natural scent.

Scent is one of our most powerful senses capable of evoking holistic feeling from our most subconscious depths. Through our olfactory systems, scent is able to seep down and pull out the elements that remind us of our oneness, our source, and our consciousness. VESCENSE makes it possible to carry inner frequencies to higher vibrational states.

Discover a portfolio of unisex fragrances with raw extracts designed for healing and higher consciousness through essence and alchemy. 


Introducing Element Air
Energizing and Focusing - Shift and heighten inner energies towards a path to graceful awakening with bay laurel, sweet orange, and ginger. 
Introducing Element Fire
Stimulating and Restorative - Enliven the senses and become anchored in the essence of transformation by the spices of black pepper, vetiver bourbon, and geranium.  
Introducing Element Water
Calming and Soothing - Relax and vitalize the senses by removing mental debris with the gentle tonics of lavender, cardamom, and tangerine. 
Introducing Element Earth
Balancing and Grounding - Clear mental confusion and emotional distortion towards harmonized stillness and internal depth through patchouli, nutmeg, and frankincense.