Clean Wellness & Beauty

VESCENSE is committed to providing clean, luxurious and high-performing fragrances based on natural ingredients that are of the highest quality across therapeutic grade essential oils, top rated sources, and offered free from alcohol and palm oil. We formulate products that can be used on a daily basis without risks to your health. We go through great lengths to source the finest naturally occurring ingredients to ensure that our products are effective, safe and non-toxic. 

VESCENSE is a leading brand with functional fragrances that are both fully alcohol-free and palm oil-free. Alcohol is known to dehydrate skin - causing more deprivation of both moisture and nutrients. Loss of skin fluids increased the appearance of dry, saggy, and wrinkly skin. Palm oil is high in oleic fatty acids that block pores and cause acne outbreaks. The saturated fats in palm oil are linked to heart disease, obesity, type II diabetes, and liver dysfunctions. The production of palm oil has increased deforestation in Southeast Asia that threatens the wildlife and biodiversity of orangutans, tigers, pygmy elephants, and Sumatran rhinos. Our products are free from palm oil and any trace of acetate, petrochemicals, alcohols, and solvents. Each ingredient within VESCENSE products are ethically sourced and use alternatives that encourage sustainable production practices. 

The VESCENSE brand is based on a pillar of radical transparency. Our company, our products, and our business model is an open book. We choose to be transparent to ensure that our customers have full visibility in how we operate because we believe this is simply good business. The word “clean” means many things to us; it implies we operate with integrity, we source clean ingredients, we use clean packaging materials, and we give back to our communities.

Our products are formulated with the strictest EU and IFRA cosmetic ingredient database and quality standards. Traditionally, “fragrance” has been a catch-all phrase that does not differentiate between synthetic or natural chemicals. Our transparent approach to clean products is centered around sourcing naturally-occurring, non-synthetic ingredients through innovative and ethical cultivation methods. Our strict labeling process ensures that all ingredients are displayed on the label for full transparency. 

While clean products are at the core of VESCENSE value proposition, giving back to the Earth is our passion. In addition to offering clean, luxurious and high-performing natural fragrances, VESCENSE also operates the VESCENSE Clean Oceans (VCO) initiative. Through this initiative, VESCENSE funds the cleaning of global waterways. To us, living cleanly means taking steps each day to ensure that the Earth remains the marvel that it is. 

Clean Wellness & Beauty at VESCENSE means the following: 

Clean - Our products are safe for people and the planet. In consciously considering human and environmental health, we use non-toxic elements and plant-based ingredients for active results. None of our products are considered toxic by European Union or Environmental Working Group standards. 
Naturally-Derived Ingredients - Our naturally derived ingredients have been modified through additional processing. We choose these options because they improve the ingredients’ safety or efficacy.  Our products neither cause adverse health effects for their intended use or at their formulaic levels.
Sustainable - Our ingredients, the way they were sourced, and their packaging all strive to be responsibly earth conscious. The our ingredients are ethically sourced and designed with no waste packaging through glass, plastic, and paper-based recyclable packaging. 
Vegan and Cruelty Free - Our products are vegan because they do not contain any animal by-products or ingredients sourced from animals. Likewise, our products have not been tested on animals anywhere along the manufacturing line or before being sold.