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VESCENSE is the only earth-conscious wellness company that provides income opportunities for people globally who care about which products they consume and want to make an impact during a time of increasing social awareness. We achieve this through our Advocate Program that is available to everyone. Sign-in to start sharing instantly.

 Become an Advocate & Wave Maker

  • As a VESCENSE Advocate, your referrals earn you cash, exclusive benefits, and rewards.
  • Start with one referral and build up your earnings.
  • Turn Referrals into Recurring Revenue. 


How It Works

  • Promote VESCENSE products through social media or personal links
  • Another user clicks on shared links
  • User orders VESCENSE products
  • Advocates receive commission
Tiers & Benefits
  • TIER 1: VESCENSE Advocate: Get Free Shipping by opting into our mailing list.
  • TIER 2: VESCENSE Earth Advocate: Earn 20% of an order by referring a friend.
  • TIER 3: VESCENSE Ocean Advocate: Make seamlessly recurring supplemental income.
  • TIER 4: VESCENSE Wave Maker: Create sustainable cash flow and win exclusive rewards.


Title and Rank Monthly Requirement Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Advocate N/A 0% 0% 0%
Earth Advocate 1 Referral 20% 5% 0%
Ocean Advocate
10% 0%
Wave Maker
10% 5%


Extra Goods

  • Extra bonus Challenges to earn more beyond commissions
  • Exclusive promotions and giveaways 
  • 60 Day cookie durations
  • Seamless mobile tracking and point system