Our Ethos

A commitment to pure ingredients and ethical practices

What We Do

VESCENSE was designed to challenge conventional wisdom - How we view, understand, and use fragrances.
Our goal is to be everything conventional fragrances are not: free of synthetics, alcohol, and harmful chemicals.
We are an Earth-conscious collective that enhances wellness through sustainable and functional products. 

How We Do It

VESCENSE creates functional fragrances and wellness alternatives that are ethical, natural, and clean. The result is scientifically formulated around non-synthetic, naturally occurring and ethically cultivated botanical ingredients.



Why We Do It

At our core, we love clean and natural. We actively support the restoration of the world’s waterways.

Our Promise of Pure Ingredients

VESCENSE uses the most traditional and cutting-edge distillation methods to guarantee that our products contain optimal therapeutic scent profiles. Our suppliers work directly with the farmers and harvesters to ensure the our oils are distilled with the purest of natural ingredients. Our pledge for clean products starts with pure ingredients.