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The Pure Collection features all four of our signature functional fragrances: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Each of the four Elements are designed to enhance your senses throughout the day to achieve optimal levels of individual consciousness and performance.

“True sustainability means complete transparency. We consider not only the plant and how it is being farmed but also the people who farm the land.”

Carefully crafted scents by Australian, Byron Bay-based, master formulator Prashanti Lyree, a breakout Clinical Aromatherapist & Cosmetic Chemist. Her advocacy for nature and passion for plants led her to join the Airmid Institute, where, as an Airmid Ambassador, she is diligently working to persuade other creators and manufacturers to sustainable best practices. On working with VESCENSE, she notes, "Long term consideration and implementation is key to ensure “sustainability” for the whole supply chain. VESCENSE has partnered with suppliers who are transparent about their supply chain, this is non-negotiable for me as a formulator."

Prashanti Lyree, VESCENSE Formulator