What are functional fragrances?

What are functional fragrances?

Much has been made of the term “functional fragrances."  Our definition is simple; it is a fragrance with a function. In founding VESCENSE, we set out to find a holistic experience to consciously promote wellness. Our path to discovery led us to an aromatherapeutic formulation based on essential oils infused with high-quality botanical ingredients. While aromatherapy comes in many forms, we found that a convenient and simple to apply fragrance, with the ability to affect the wearer’s senses based on their specific mood,  was missing in the market. This led to the introduction of VESCENSE Mist and the more concentrated VESCENSE Pure.   

In our journey to create an Earth-conscious wellness and beauty brand, we wanted to design products that could naturally impact overall wellbeing without the negative side effects of synthetic ingredients. We chose a scented delivery mechanism because of the direct correlation between aromatic molecules on the unconscious mind and the neurological responses that affect overall health. 

The olfactory system uniquely connects to parts of the brain that can activate and stimulate emotions. What we smell is managed by the olfactory bulb, a structure that is found at the frontal brain and directs to other parts of the limbic system such as the amygdala, orbitofrontal cortex, and hippocampus - three areas that stimulate and influence awareness, emotional states, cognitive memory, and mood. VESCENSE was interested in linking olfaction to daily well-being. Our four distinct mood-boosting scents help consumers enhance specific needs throughout the day such as energy, focus, productivity, and stress management.

“Global uncertainty surrounding the pandemic has spurred consumers to seek out aromatherapy as a form of self-care and stress relief,” was a trend that was highlighted in CB Insights that we hope to address and solve at scale. In partnership with world-renowned fragrance houses Firmenich and Givaudan, our in-house formulators sourced ingredients with known wellness-promoting properties and set about in-house clinical testing to develop an efficient, first-of-its-kind, and all-natural mood-boosting functional fragrance. 

In using the scientifically-backed link between fragrance, the brain, and the body: VESCENSE is introducing a unisex collection that includes both a fine fragrance mist as well as a more concentrated pure formula to boost mindfulness across daily wellness. Both our Mist and Pure Collections draw upon the four natural elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water as a reflection of invoking a closeness to nature as a means of self-care. Our scents are designed to promote wellness from morning to night - from Air (morning), Fire (day), Earth (mid-day), and Water (night) but can be used any time it's needed. Although people are increasingly disconnected from nature, we often look for natural solutions. VESCENSE functional fragrances naturally and safely bring our collective closer to nature to enhance conscious wellness and beauty every day.


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